Company History

HES Facilities LLC was formed in May 2020 with a “clear vision” and purpose, offering services needed now, perhaps more than ever before. Named after Buddy Helton, its founding Chairman, HES stands for “Helton Education Services.”

Buddy began his career in 1976 providing custodial services to the K-12 school system in his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Since that time, and with a few breaks along the way, Buddy has been a pioneer in leading the market for education facility service providers, having led multiple companies, providing services to thousands of public and private schools and colleges across the country.

Over time, Buddy has developed a senior team of professional leaders who have shared in the various companies’ ownership. This “team” approach to management and customer support has achieved 98% client retention and equally high manager loyalty over the years. In forming HES, Buddy was determined to assemble an unmatched leadership team of talented, next-generation managers who are very experienced and ready for significant growth.

HES was formed in May 2020 when Buddy and his team partnered with Nautic Partners, LLC, a middle market private equity fund that has previously sponsored Buddy’s businesses. HES’s first acquisition was SMS, LLC, a leading regional company which was founded in 2007 in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of East Tennessee. In fact, the shades of the mountains of East Tennessee are reflected in our HES colors and logo.

Prior to its acquisition by HES, SMS was led by young industry leaders who wanted to revolutionize and reinvent SMS with their knowledge and background in facilities services for education. The prospect of combining the SMS team’s energy and drive with enhanced experience and financial resources was a winning combination for both sides. SMS’s excellent operations management team is now combined with HES’s senior leadership (which has well over 100 years of collective experience in the provision of custodial, maintenance, and grounds keeping services) forming a powerful team.

HES’ acquisition of SMS in May 2020 positions HES to deliver best-in-class services not only in the Southeast, but across the United States. HES’ primary goal is to provide clean, safe, and well-maintained education environments where the students, teachers, and administration can thrive in their surroundings. HES intends to grow via word of mouth and recommendations from its valued clients, and through future partnerships or acquisitions involving other like-minded regional education facilities companies.

HES offers turnkey custodial services, facilities maintenance, and groundskeeping services for both K-12 schools and institutes of higher learning. We are excited for you to learn more about how HES’ management team developed a reputation and track record of delivering the best results in the industry.

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