Markets Served

HES is comprised of thought-leaders, experts, and business professionals with extensive experience in custodial and facilities maintenance services. All the company’s leaders started their journey during college or immediately after and have since worked with hundreds of school districts and higher learning institutions across the United States. This 40+ years of experience has allowed HES to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the most effective facilities maintenance strategies and methods to achieve the best possible results.

The HES team has provided custodial services and management assistance to a wide variety of clients, from the smallest, most rural schools, to large school districts that encompass a large population of students and teachers. No matter what type of client served, we always deliver the same unparalleled exemplary results. 

Since 2016, HES has seen consistent annual growth that exceeds 50% annually. To continue this steady growth, while continuing to provide top-quality service to our markets, we are investing heavily in management and operations every year to bring innovative and effective strategies to assist our clients with their facilities maintenance solutions.

Who Do We Serve?

The goal of HES is to provide a clean and sanitary learning environment for both students and educators. That is why we offer our unparalleled facilities management services to all educational institutions across the United States, including the following:

We know that we live in confusing times due to the growing COVID-19 pandemic. However, despite this uncertainty, when you work with HES, you can rest assured knowing that we’re up to the challenge to provide any educational facility with safe, reliable cleaning services. When school starts up this fall, you’ll be ready to educate students without worrying about an unclean environment.

COVID-19: Our Response and Resources