There are many reasons why an education entity should partner with a service provider to assist with your facilities management needs, but there are even more advantages to hiring HES.


Our management team has a collective background of more than 100 years in leadership roles in the education services industry. Many of our executive leadership have worked as janitors while attending college, taking those experiences with them to build and lead several highly successful companies.  They understand firsthand the uniqueness of education facilities.  More precisely, they understand the different requirements of schools, school boards and higher education stakeholders.  Our leadership has set the industry standard positively impacting thousands of schools and institutions of higher education for many years to come, but we look forward to doing more. 



HES management understands that the services we provide to school districts impacts learning. To that end, our team is continuously reminded of the value we bring in providing a clean and safe environment to every student every day. It brings great satisfaction to know that what we do is vitally important and a necessary service. We are indeed dedicated to providing the most efficient value based services to educators everywhere and at all levels.


HES is very transparent about our services. We know that perfection is unlikely. When issues or special requests do come, we pride ourselves on a swift response. Of equal importance, we always want to be clear and transparent on our pricing so there are never any surprises when reviewing an invoice. We will conduct periodic Operational Review Meetings to garner feedback and ensure quality control standards are being met. 


There is no one-size-fits-all solution to every facility maintenance need. While our proposed solutions will give a solid outline of our services for your educational facilities, we understand the need for flexibility. We always desire to negotiate openly on additional services and our focus is to always go above and beyond expectations. 

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